Data & automation are key priorities: 2018 KPMG Global PropTech Survey

The eagerly-anticipated 2018 update to the KPMG Global PropTech Survey is here - and it’s a fascinating read. Having moved into PropTech from the real estate industry ourselves, we have perspectives from both sides of the ‘gap’, and it’s great to see those reflected in the discussion here. Firstly:

quote 3.JPG

This was true for both short-term impact (automation, 30% of respondents) and long-term impact (AI, 32% of respondents). Big data and analytics followed close behind, predicted as the most impactful areas by 27% and 17% of respondents in the short and long-term, respectively.

So how do we get there?

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Again, structured data comes to the forefront as an facilitator for digitalisation. According to KPMG, “this will enable (real estate companies) to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions throughout their business.”